One Month Online Exercise Programme - £25

£ 25 

This one month personal exercise plan will be completely created around your goals and needs. It will include daily workouts for the whole month. It can be completely gym based, pool based, sport specific or just general fitness without a gym membership. It will be more than detailed enough to ensure you can do the workouts on your own with no additional one-to-one help, saving money of booking a personal trainer.

When you purchase the plan you will receive an email including questions needed to make your personal exercise plan. This will include what your goals are, how often you would like to train, what type of work out you require and personal details.

For a price of £20 you can kick start your new year's resolutions! 


One Month Online Diet Plan - £25

£ 25 

A monthly meal plan can be provided for £20. This will be calculated to meet your diet goals, from losing weight to building muscle. Using your current weight, target weight, and activity level, your calorific and dietary needs can be calculated to produce significant results.

Not everyone likes the same foods so.. there will be a list of options to suit everyones taste! Diet is more important than exercise, your body is like a car engine; if you fill it with rubbish fuel... it won't work properly!


One Month Online Exercise & Diet Combo - £40

£ 40 

The perfect combination to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet combined with good effective exercise programme only produces positive results! For a bargain reduced price of £30 when purchased together, you get all the information you need to reach your fitness goals. Both plans will be detailed and tailor made to suit your needs.

Purchase them now and get that summer body early on!