Weight Loss/Toning

If your goal is weight loss, we can make you a programme to burn the correct amount of fat each week so that your weight loss is not too dramatic, as this has been scientifically been proven to be one main factor in people who regain weight. Your body fat, weight, BMI, and activity levels will be assessed to gain a better incite into your lifestyle and we will try to correct what's going wrong. This combined with a comprehensive cardiovascular fat burning programme and balanced diet plan will guarantee results. We have the backing of science due to our sports science background which means the methods we use are backed up with evidence (which we will be happy to talk you through if you like!).

The aims of the weight loss program will be to raise your heart rate and increase your metabolic rate so that your body not only burns more calories during the session, but also throughout the rest of the day. I have personally used some of the training methods I use in my training so have a first hand experience of them working, as long as the dedication is there.

I understand that people who do not train already may be a little dubious as to whether or not it works, so a meeting can be held beforehand free of charge for a short briefing and explanation. The sessions will always vary so that the training never gets boring.


Strength & Muscle Building

Strength training can be exciting yet frustrating at the same time. You can be excited to see the results of a new training program yet you may not have the patience to wait 6 weeks to see the results fizzle out and not notice any changes. The muscle building programs are intense workouts aiming to increase your muscular capabilities. Both muscular endurance and strength will be increased in these sessions. Again the results are best noted with a suitable training plan which can be provided here at AGPT.

This is a popular training method with males but females can also benefit from strength gains. Increased strength helps daily activities such as lifting the shopping and getting up the stairs, as well as heavy lifting that males usually aim to achieve. Resistance training leads to a more toned body and can be implemented into a cardiovascular programme to create a more lean physique.


Performance Conditioning/Sport Specific Training

After attending a strength and conditioning workshop from the UKSCA, I have become more and more interested in elite sports performance and coaching. Strength and conditioning coaches work mainly with athletes aiming to improve their performance. This could include anything from 5km runners, to rugby players, to marathon runners. It involves technique coaching as well an intensive fitness training. If you want to improve your performance in a sport, this is the programme for you. 

Sport specific training is under a similar category. I can run clients through training programs to improve their performance in a specific sport. For example if you would like to improve your swimming performance, I can provide training for that including technique analysis and fitness sessions. I have experience in training beach lifeguards where they have to be physically fit to run on sand and swim in the sea, so they went through a fitness program with cardiovascular work on the sand and swimming in both the sea and pool, as well as rescue board fitness in the sea conditions.


Diet Plans

Diet plans can also be purchased for a two week period, including 6 meals a day and a guide to drinks and supplements to go along-side your training. More information can be found under Nutrition or alternatively: