Jobs in Sport

Become a Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer helps their clients reach fitness, health and lifestyle goals. Typical daily duties include instructing clients on how to correctly use exercise equipment, designing specific exercise programs to meet required goals and maintaining a safe environment. Clients range widely from teenage school students, to retired, referrals from the local GP. This means the job can be challenging yet rewarding.

Personal trainers are similar to fitness trainers however it involves further training and generally speaking, more experience. However these requirements are not left unnoticed. Clients look to personal trainers for specialist advice on techniques and principles but also to find motivation. A huge part of a trainer's work involves motivating clients to make a change in their life and to push themselves to reach their goals.

To become a personal trainer you must undergo a industry recognised personal trainer course. The governing bodies that oversee these courses are REPS (UK). You often have to complete a level 2 fitness trainers award before being accepted onto a level 3 Personal Training award; however some courses incorporate this when you first enrol. Search a list of level three courses and assess the requirements to see if you qualify to enrol.