Fat Burning Abs Circuit 

Want to get the "perfect"  flat, toned stomach? Well it's impossible to point out one workout that you can do everyday and miraculously get a six pack no matter what other websites promise you! It takes a lot more than just that one fix; but this workout is a good start. What surprisingly few people are unaware of is that everyone has abdominal muscles, however only a select few have the physiques whereby their abdominal muscles are visible. This feat is achieved by burning the layer of fat covering the stomach muscles, thus lowering total body fat. The image below shows what you look like with different body fat %'s. 

To do this, it takes a combination of calorie burning workouts and a clean diet. Also a side effect of an increased muscle mass is that it is easier to burn the food we consume. More muscle = an increased metabolic rate, which means we burn more calories at a resting state. So a good start to our dream six pack would be to increase our muscle mass while increasing our heart rate to burn kcals.

The best training type for fat loss?

It has been scientifically proven that the Tabata Training Protocol is up there with the best fat burning workout ever to have been tested by sport scientists and the like. Best of all, it lasts 8 minutes! Basically, to skip all of the science, it consists of 20 seconds of MAXIMAL effort exercise using multiple muscle groups, followed by 10 seconds at rest. This is completed 8 times, or for 4 minutes. If you would like to read more into the science of it click here. The Tabata workouts trigger whats known as EPOC, or Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption. This (again to skip the sport science waffle) is an afterburn effect, where the metabolic rate remains at an elevated state after you have finished your workout. So basically you burn calories after you've finished... so you can burn calories sat at your office desk later on! Sounds idea doesn't it?

The Workout...

Taking these into account, (with some trailing with clients!) I have come up with this fat burning, toning workout to build your non existent abs! Even if you already have abs of steel... I'm sure they won't feel too strong when you've finished! Enjoy...