6 Tips When Eating Out

Eating out is becoming increasingly popular nowadays so i decided to compile 6 simple tips to keep you moving forward when you do eat out.  You work so hard during the week that you want to let your hair down and go out with your friends and family on the weekend. The biggest problem with eating out is it ruins your progress at the gym because it’s impossible to eat well when you’re out to eat.  On the flip side of the coin you have those that avoid going out because it will upset their routine.  If you’re anything like me when your training or diet routine gets off track it can be difficult to get back to where you once were.  I have good news; you can go out, enjoy your time with your friends and still move forward with your goals.

#1  Don’t drink alcohol before your meal

Ordering a beer or glass of wine before your meal arrives is actually one of the worst things you can do unless you want to be opening the buttons of your pants half way through your meal.  Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach creates a hypoglycemic response within your body (Chek, 2009).  This means your blood sugar levels are going to plummet.  When your blood sugars go down you are going overeat during your meal.  It is highly likely you will over order when the waiter does arrive.  Low blood sugars basically mean you are going to feel very hungry very soon and your are likely to crash shortly after your meal.  Don’t forget bloated and cranky too. Everybody has experienced low blood sugars; if you haven’t eaten for an extended period of time there is no sugar in your blood for the body to utilise for energy.


#2  Don’t snack before your meal

This is anther definite no no.  Most restaurants will place bread or nachos on the table before your meal arrives.  As you know from this post these types of foods are devastating to your health and waistline.  They are going to do the opposite of the alcohol in the previous point and induce a hyperglycemic response in your body meaning elevated blood sugars.  These diabetes posts here and here will give you a better understanding of spiking your blood sugar levels.  This is going to make your crash shortly after your meal too. Additionally, they provide your body with easy access to sugar which certainly does not have a satiating effect, again causing your to overeat for the remainder of your meal (Defronzo, 2009). You all know it is quite easy to eat two to three baskets of bread or nachos while you wait for your starter.  So what is this?  A pre-starter?  Do you eat a pre-starter or even a starter any other day of the year? Anyway, this sugar in the absence of proper food such as protein is going to be immediately sent to the areas of your body you least want it, that’s right, your muffin top, sagging arms and the highly sought after pot belly look.

#3  Order Real Food

When you do eventually get around to ordering your meal choose real food.  By this I mean your should be ordering a big serving of protein such as; steak, chicken, turkey, fish or seafood.  These are going to help to balance your blood sugars for the remainder of your meal.  Also don’t forget it takes up to 30% more energy to digest protein sources; meaning your burn more energy/calories and stay moving forward with your fat loss. Don’t kid yourself in to thinking that battered protein sources are going to help you here. Not only are these going to really cause you to gain fat but they are detrimental to your health as a whole as they are loaded with trans fats.


High Fibre Dinner

High Fibre Dinner

#4  Vegetables on the side

Order an extra side of vegetables.  Vegetables have obvious health benefits such as (Chek, 2009; Taubes, 2009);

  1. Increased fat loss
  2. Decrease incidence of all forms of cancer
  3. Increased insulin sensitivity
  4. Increased energy
  5. Improved bowel movements

Ordering extra vegetables will make you feel more full and so you are less likely to over eat.

#5  Don’t Order High Carbohydrate Meals

Bowls of pasta, lasagna, spaghetti, pizza all examples of high carbohydrate meals.  These foods are the worst choice you can make when it comes to staying in shape.  Large amounts of carbs, especially these types lead to massive blood sugar spikes and in turn massive fat storage.  Order a protein based meal with a portion of carbs.  Very few people need a carbohydrate based meal with a small serving of protein.

#6  Wait Before Ordering Dessert

More often than not you will order desert and feel miserable afterwards.  Obviously enough you are too full and of course you have the added effect of a massive crash afterwards.  It can take 20-30 minutes for your body to signal to your brain that you are in fact full.  Nearly everyone over steps this mark, eats dessert and hates themselves afterwards.