Don't Get Fat This Christmas

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Eating like a pig during the holidays is one of the biggest mistakes most of us make.  We eat and eat and eat because our minds have gotten the better of us again. If you’re anything like me, you have no ‘off switch’ and as the Pringle’s ad so aptly says; ‘Once you pop the fun don’t stop’. You face a never-ending internal battle of should you eat that box of sweets? Should you eat that cake? You know you shouldn’t but more often than not you will have it anyway. Frustration ensues as you question what made you act like such a mademoiselle because you know there is no going back from here. You’re going to continue to eat and tell yourself you will get back on track next week. Isn’t that ironic though? You said the exact same thing last week. What if I told you that getting fatter wasn’t a prerequisite of Christmas?

The purpose of this post is to tell you that you CAN eat like a king, keep the body you have and actually get more muscular and lose more fat. You don’t believe me, do you? In a world of smart watches, people complaining about having no wi-fi on transatlantic flights (yes this happened), or people complaining about not being able to watch TV on a 3 hour domestic flight around Europe; why would it surprise you that we now know IT IS POSSIBLE for you to look BETTER after Christmas?  This is both scientifically and anecdotally true.

Research has proven that eating sugar at specific times around your workout provides you with an internal environment so potent to muscle growth and fat loss that you will be kicking yourself for not implementing such strategies earlier in your sporadic training life. Perhaps if you had this information before you would have stuck to one of those new years resolutions to look like the guy or girl on the TV.

There are many ways to optimise your body’s natural hormone distribution after a binge to avoid the overflow of triglyceride’s and actually make use of the junk foods you just ate by shuttling them in to your muscle cells to give you a much fuller, muscular look rather than a poppin’ fresh image you are likely accustomed to after your usual holiday of over-indulgence.

When you eat your body naturally priorities shuttling energy (calories) to your muscle cells followed by your muscles energy (glycogen) stores.  However, this is the point you usually need to be careful.  Although your muscles glycogen stores are quite large, big meals and of course consistently chowing down on big, sugary meals for days on end such as most of us are likely to do this coming Christmas, ingesting too many calories will lead to spillage i.e. your muscles glycogen stores can’t hold any more food.  As such your body has to put that food some place.  It is unlikely your livers energy stores won’t be full by this point, especially if you have eaten fruit (more on that in the video below) so the only option is to convert the energy to triglyceride’s and store them as fat in your body.  You should be aware that although it is relatively easy to get fitter, faster stronger and even more muscular the process of shedding fat however is by no means an easy feat.  The best option is not to allow yourself to get fat in the first place.

So, what can we do to enjoy the possibility of not wearing a winter bulge?  EXERCISE!  It’s that simple.  Just work out and you literally will look lean all year round and never get fat.  Everyone knows you need to work out but what’s important is the time you work out.  If you can strategically time your workouts around the times of the big, unhealthy and usually fattening meals then your body will be able to drive almost all of those calories to your muscles cells, muscle glycogen and liver glycogen stores.  It’s not enough to simply work out though, it really should be a strategically planned style of workout.  It must be high intensity, high volume and heavy. You could always do this famous workout programme. It will take just 30-45 mins of your day. It has great reviews look at this guy who lost over 20lbs in just 60 days and shed a good body fat %!