20 Pull Ups

A strong back is often what makes people have a "broad" look. Ronaldo's lats (the muscle outside the ribs, covering the back) are the muscles responsible for pulling you up during a pull up. There are many other muscles used in the pull up. It is the best all round upper body exercise in my opinion as it bears a lot of weight and stimulates pretty much every upper body muscle!

To start with, as always, you will have to do an initial test. This is simply do as many pull ups ups as you can without stopping. Don't cheat, bending your elbows 20 degrees doesn't count! It needs to be full extension of the arm (straight arms) to your chin reaching the bar. Then, using the tables below, do the pull ups in the corresponding column (self explanatory really!). If you can't manage 3 pull ups in the initial test, you need a bit more basic strength training. If you need help, Contact Us for 2 weeks strength building to prepare you.

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